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Team Urban Nocks
Team Urban Nocks was formed by a small group of friends that wanted to come together and provide a
service to the community while engaging in an activity that we love, which is to hunt. Each of our members
brings a certain piece of the puzzle that makes our team what it is today. Our team has a combined total of
nearly 100 years of experience within our craft. We strive to meet the highest ethical and moral standards
while following the laws of the state and various conservation laws. Team Urban Nocks actively strives to
introduce our sport to others through education and community outreach. Our group is unique because we
mainly hunt urban areas that are overan by whitetail deer. Our group broke from the traditional mold of
hunters and headed for urban-city areas to hunt instead of retreating to mountain or rural areas. Our team
saw an opportunity to provide a service to citizens that had a continual problem with deer destroying their
gardens, vegetation, and personal property. Although we really enjoy hunting and spending time enjoying
what nature has to offer, were here to provide a service to people in need. Team Urban Nocks was formed
by average joe guys that sought to come together with their friends, families, and the community to share
their love and passion in the sport of hunting. Our team also takes position in giving back to our community
by donating some of our havested game to "Hunters Helping the Hungry Program". This program allows
hunters to donate their harvested game so it can be dispersed to area homeless shelters and foodbanks.
Without the love and support from our families, none of this would be possible. Thank you to our family and
Welcome To Team Urban Nocks!
We Practice Wildlife Management Through Professionalism and Ethics
Team Urban Nocks Tip Of The week
Lowes Whitetail Scents Tip of the Week....
When using Lowes Whitetail Rub N Ride you want to start about 20 yrds from your stand or blind this
way the deer will follow a trail into your shooting zone. If you start any closer to your stand or blind
you take the chance of spooking your whitetails or not being able to get a shot.
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